My son, Josh, hiking in Bic National Park, the Gaspe .

Best Hiking and Trail Running in Eastern Canada : Bic National Park

A photo essay documenting my family’s trip to Bic National Park in the Martimes – my vote for the best place to run and hike in Eastern Canada.

A few years back, my wife and I ran into friends who’d just returned from a family road trip to the Gaspé in Eastern Quebec. They raved about this unsung part of Canada (at least if you’re from Toronto) along the south shore of the Saint Lawrence river as it widens into the Gulf and Atlantic beyond, especially Bic National Park. Looking for a road trip of our own the following summer, Kristin (my wife), the kids and I did a little research on the park online. The images of Bic seem so mystical and wild – an adventure waiting to happen. That August, we packed the Honda and headed east with a few other pit stops along the way. Bic, though, was the crowning jewel.

Hope you enjoy a glimpse into our adventure in Bic, and make one of your own in this beautiful park one day….

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